Wednesday, 26 September 2012

First post...

I see a lot of nonsense posted on the internet about evolution and creationism/ID, and this blog is me having my say. My aim is to post on a weekly basis, and to keep this page as an index with links to each post.

To make my own position clear, I believe in evolution, and most of the posts here will be about debunking the claims of creationism. I am also an atheist (I accept there may be a God, but I find that pretty unlikely), and some posts are going to be about some of the claims of Christianity, which is, afterall, closely linked to the creationism debate.


General Topics

Classifying Creationism - A Spectrum of Wilfil Ignorance

Character Assassination

Creationists think if they discredit Darwin it must mean his science is false. Not only is this faulty reasoning, but their attempts are based on falsehoods.

Links to Hitler

The Genesis Account

The Garden of Eden
The Noachian Flood - Mechanics
The Noachian Flood - Life on the Ark
The Noachian Flood - Aftermath


  1. You should definitely check out this book.

  2. It sounds interesting from the Amazon reviews. How much does it acknowledge the contribution of Islamic scholars to Middle Ages science?

    I ask because this would be a good gauge of whether it is a historic book, trying to accurately portray science at that time, or an apologetics book, trying to promote Christianity.